Investors Rush and Crush to Buy $36 Million Ethereum-Based BAT ICO and Crypto Gambling

Frenzy. One of the most anticipated token sale -about a web browser- sold out in 30 seconds. An investor paid $6,000 in transaction fees to jump the queue and be the very first. Another paid $2,000.

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Seconds after the opening of the sale, millions poured in. Around $5 million is the highest sum invested, followed by around $4 million, with many more at $2 million and $1 million.

You simply had no chance of getting in. $65,000 in fees have been paid for transactions which did not go through because the cap had already been reached by that stage.


Bat’s token sale smart contract address – image source etherscan.


Bots. An army of them raced at block 3,798,640, crashing some nodes and wallets, kicking everyone else out of the network, with the event finished nearly as fast as Husain Bolt can run 100 meters.


Once that $36 million cap was reached, everyone else crashed against a wall, with their transactions rejected, but their fees kept by miners. That includes someone who sent $10 million, but their transaction was unable to get through, the network so returning their funds.


They, of course, are not happy for losing the bot race, so they took on to complain for any number of reasons, including how unfair it is they did not make it to the finishing line.


They’ll be able to …

The Local Losers in Sbobet Indonesia




They call themselves the locals, and look with disdain upon those other players they call the tourists, but we can give them another six-letter name that shares half the same letters, the losers. They’re the lowlifes among the lowrollers, distinguished primarily for shooting theselves in the feet.


They play in the smaller games either because they haven’t the talent to move up, or they’ve busted out of the bigger games. They seem to think they’re the only ones who know how to play whatever Sbobet Indonesia game they’re in. When they’re not in a hand, they bore anyone who’ll listen–and if no one appears to pay attention, anyone who happens to be near–with tales of clever plays they’ve made, how they’ve outplayed the players whose names everyone knows in the biggest games. When they are in a hand, if they lose to a tourist, they give the tourist a lecture about how badly the tourist played the hand. “How could you chase all the way to the end when there were only two cards in the deck that could beat my hand? What’d you think I was betting on? Yeah, well I love it. Keep up that kind of playing and I’ll have all your chips before long.”


Did you ever notice that it’s usually the loser of a pot who gives a lecture to the winner? That when a local wins a hand, he rarely lectures the loser?


They whine about their bad …




Agen Judi Slot Online HABANERO

JUARAJUDI Adalah Agen Judi Slot Online Habanero Terpercaya Di Indonesia, Judi Slot Online Habanero, Agen Slot Online Habanero, Daftar Slot Habanero. JUARAJUDI ialah situs agen sah slot habanero paling dipercaya yang benar-benar kami merekomendasikan untuk tempat anda bermain slot game. Untuk situs agen slot paling dipercaya JUARAJUDI telah dapat dibuktikan membayarkan kemenangan anggota s/d beberapa ratus juta, hingga anda tak perlu sangsi lagi. Disamping itu, JUARAJUDI mempunyai penampilan yang sederhana dan menyedikan banyak permainan slot game dari beberapa provicer lain cukup dengan 1 user id.


Agen Judi Slot Online HABANERO


Buat anda yang ingin coba permainan slot, dapat lakukan pendaftaran dengan mengisikan formulir daftar slot habanero yang ada berikut ini dengan komplet. norma usai register akun slot anda, dimana sebelum bermain anda harus mendeposit terlebih dulu supaya anda bisa bermain permainan slot game yang sudah kami siapkan. Dalam mendeposit ini ialah dimana anda lakukan transfer dana ke nomor rekening bandar yang anda peroleh itu waktu usai lakukan register akun Agen SLOT HABANERO.


Dana yang anda transfer itu nanti akan ditukar jadi chips atau koin permainan serta chips atau koin ini bisa anda mainkan di semua permainan. Serta minimum deposit yang kami menawarkan benar-benar dapat dijangkau cuma sejumlah Rp, 10.000 ribu, karena itu anda dapat mainkan semua tipe permainan yang telah kami siapkan buat anda. Dapat bermain di situs yang sediakan minimum deposit Rp, 10.000 ini tidak gampang untuk diketemukan. Oleh karena itu, kami untuk agen slot online paling dipercaya dimana …

Finding the Right WordPress Hosting Solution!! 



SSD is offering ultimately oversaw wordpress facilitating administrations to the customers, and it is a piece of the standard wordpress facilitating plans. The organization will introduce the arrangement in the WordPress plan for you. More than 250 topics are accessible to fulfill the prerequisites. Among them, some free subjects are likewise accessible for clients. If you are searching for the privilege of WordPress Web Hosting, it is ideal for you.


The correct organization realizes how to oversee WordPress and give the reinforcement of information. The reestablishing of the site is simple for you with the story. The issue of hacking is addressed with the administrations, and an additional layer of security is accessible to the information. It is an extraordinary element accessible with the privilege of facilitating plans.


Reliable administrations


For organizations, it is crucial to discover an answer that you can trust. There are various organizations accessible in the market serving the clients. It might be ideal if you decided on a legitimate and reliable answer to get the advantage. It should show uprightness with well-being.


Cost of the facilitating administrations


A sensational change in the standard WordPress web hosting unlimited SSD is facilitating plan cost for clients. An arrangement of showing the charges is accessible for the sites. It might be ideal on the off chance that you attempted to get an account at an average expense to get the excellent advantages.


Highlights and execution of arrangement


The learning of the …

Put Your Best Foot (or Hand) Forward

Nail fungus is an infection that can be embarrassing when you want to put your best foot — or hand — forward. But no need to cringe when you want to shake hands with someone or you have to avoid your favorite sport because of pain. Nail fungus is treatable.

A complete description of treatments can be found at Fungal Guide. You can take steps to prevent it from happening in the first place.


Nail hardeners may contain damaging products to nails.

Nail polish waterproofs nails and causes the skin underneath to stay wet longer, which makes them more susceptible to infection.

Lighter shades of nail polish help the light get through the nail.

Don’t try to repair nail enamel every day.

Keep an eye out for signs of nail infection, such as redness, pain or pus.

It’s not a good idea to apply artificial nails over your own because the chemicals and glue in the products are absorbed through the damaged nail and nail bed. Artificial nails have been known to contribute to the development of fungal infection in fingernails.


Since you will have logged more than 115,000 miles on foot throughout your lifetime, it’s a good idea to care for your feet. Sounds good? Check more to learn about best filler for face volume

Wash and dry your feet daily, especially between the toes where fungus can get in.

Don’t soak your feet in hot …

Go Down Under for the Aussie Millions with togel  

One of the premier events on the live circuit

The Aussie Millions has fast become one of the most enduring and exciting events on the live circuit. Taking place in Melbourne, Australia, the event annually plays host to all of the major pro players, looking to snap up one of the most attractive prize pools on the circuit. Join bwin for a trip of a lifetime to the prestigious Aussie Millions.

An Aussie Millions prize package from bwin

bwin is offering comprehensive prize packages including a Main Event Buy-in of $8,800, a 6 Handed Side Event Buy-in of $1,800, flights and spending money of $2,500 and a stay in a luxury hotel worth $2,900, bringing the total package value to $16,000.

Qualify today with bwin

togel  is offering four incredible ways to qualify for the Aussie Millions. The four routes are as follows: the $300+20 qualification route paying out prize packages via the Online Finals, qualify for this route for just $2 or buy in directly to the Online Finals. A 100k freeroll paying out superb Aussie Millions prize packages for free! Prize packages are also available via the regular Big Bounty tournament at bwin. And finally, the Head Hunter tournament: knock out the most players in this all-new tournament concept and you’ll win a superb Aussie Millions prize package.

Live events with bwin

bwin consistently offers superb prize packages to the most prestigious live events. A trip with bwin to play in a live event is so much more …

A Word on the UIGEA

There is a lot of confusion about online gambling in the United States. Many people think that it is illegal. Some think that some games are illegal while others are not. Allow me to clear that up the best that I can.


First of all, there is no federal ban on online gambling in the United States. There are 4 states that expressly prohibit online gambling. For the rest, it is either legal or kind of murky, with the legislative and judicial branches of government working on finding a solution to the legality question.  Many people think that online gambling is banned by the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). That is not the case.


As the courts have ruled, the UIGEA does not ban online gambling. All it does is allow for the punishment of those who engage in illegal online gambling. Nowhere, however, does it say what would be considered illegal. The UIGEA is an amendment added on to the end of the SAFE Port Act of 2006 (which has nothing to do with gambling). UIGEA does not deal with the gamblers at all. It only regards the financial institutions that pay out money from online gambling. If they pay out funds from “unlawful internet gambling,” then the funds can be seized and the institution can be punished under law. UIGEA can do nothing to someone who plays a game online, even if the activity were to be deemed “illegal.”


Not only that, but most …

Review of Winning Strategies for Video Poker

Lenny Frome passed away in 1998, but not before leaving behind an enduring legacy as a gambling writer. Frome was the author of several books and countless articles on video poker. He was one of the most well-respected experts on this game, as well as others. This is a review of one of his most popular books, Winning Strategies for Video Poker.

Winning Strategies for Video Poker is a simple book. It opens with a list of pay tables for various games, what the game pays by following the proper strategy, and the page in this book on which the proper strategy for the game in question can be found. This chart is very useful when one encounters a given pay table for the first time on a video poker machine. It would be nice if the list also included common names for games with that pay table, being able to easily identify which pay schedules are commonly called “Bonus Poker” would be handy, but because that would have taken up a lot of extra room, omitting this information is a stylistic choice I can live with. The common names for most pay schedules are listed with the strategy for that game, and that’s good enough. The book also contains an explanation of the terminology used and a glossary, both of which are useful.

The bulk of the book is devoted to describing the proper strategy for various video poker games. All the well-known games are listed here, Jacks or …

Why Is Diamond Painting So Popular?

Diamond Painting Helps in Stress & High Blood Pressure reduction

Another one of the top benefits of diamond painting is that it can help to reduce stress and lower blood pressure. If you’re looking for a hobby that will help you unwind after a long day, then this is definitely it. The repetitive nature of placing each diamond onto the canvas is therapeutic, and the end result is something that you can be proud of.


Diamond Painting Makes you patient

If you’re the type of person who gets impatient easily, then diamond painting is a great activity to help you work on your patience. The process can be slow at times, but the end result is always worth it. Working on a diamond painting will teach you to be more patient and to enjoy the process, rather than rushing to finish.


Diamond Painting Increases Concentration & Focus

Do you have trouble concentrating or staying focused? If so, then diamond painting could be a great way to improve your attention span. The act of placing each diamond onto the canvas requires a high level of concentration, and as you become more skilled at it, you’ll find that you’re able to focus for longer periods of time.


Why Is Diamond Painting So Popular?

Refined motor skills for Diamond Dotz

One of the benefits of diamond painting is that it can help to improve your motor skills. The process of placing each diamond onto the canvas requires a certain amount …

Technical Writing at Translation Company UK

In 2003 , the Total Translation Company signed an agreement with a technical communication and DTP company in Holland called Triview.

This agreement basically established a powerful alliance between our two companies, providing a one-stop shop for technical writing, DTP, layout and translations.

Triview are specialists at developing and designing technical and commercial information in many formats and languages for a great variety of clients.

They employ a team of experienced professionals with highly developed technical writing, translation and graphics skills.

Product manuals, user instructions, technical illustrations and visualisations, plus interactive documentation and web design are just some of the highly specialised services now directly available to our clients as a result of our collaboration with Triview.


Our transcription service basically converts the content of any existing audio / video recording into a written document. The transcription is undertaken by native speakers of the language concerned.

If that document then requires translation, we will be only too pleased to help. The translation will also be undertaken by a professional translating into their mother-tongue.


Research shows that all the communications technology in the world can’t beat simply sitting down and talking face to face with your customers, even if you speak a different language.

We can help improve your international business relations by providing highly qualified, experienced interpreters for most types of business meetings and assignments almost anywhere in the world.

Types of interpreting we offer:

Ad-hoc interpreting

Ad-hoc interpreting is when an interpreter Translation Company UK listens to …

Loosen Up and Have Some Fun

In this column, I am going to talk a bit about table image. I am always amazed at how many pros pay little attention to how they come across at the table. Or, should I say, they misjudge the effects of how they come across at the table. Especially in the middle limits, I see many winning players convey an image of toughness. They wear dark glasses and baseball caps, and project a very cold demeanor. When I see this sort of thing, I wonder, “What are they trying to accomplish?” I’m not exactly sure, but I could take a few guesses. My first guess is that they have not clearly thought out the best image for themselves at the table. I suspect that many of them are attempting to convey a very tough, serious image in order to intimidate other players from calling them or playing back at them and taking their pots away. But if they gave it some thought, they would quickly realize that this sort of image will eventually attract just the type of players they don’t want to play with. Think about it. Suppose a recreational player is strolling by some poker tables and has a choice of games. The first table is filled with young, tough-looking players wearing baseball caps and dark glasses. Most of them have scowls on their faces, and few, if any, are laughing or talking. The table is somber and serious, and no one seems to be having a good …

Sistem Perjudian Togel Hongkong – apakah itu berfungsi?

Pernahkah Anda menemukan seseorang yang memasarkan sistem kemenangan yang dijamin untuk roulette, atau mungkin cara untuk mengalahkan rumah di Blackjack?

Tentu Anda punya. Mungkin itu datang dalam bentuk email – atau mungkin Anda mengunjungi situs judi yang menawarkan metode jitu untuk menang. Heck, iklan ini bahkan ditemukan di koran dan majalah.

Nah coba tebak? Beberapa dari mereka benar-benar BEKERJA! Artinya, jika Anda memiliki lubang uang yang benar-benar tak berdasar yang Anda inginkan.

Tapi tentu saja kita semua dapat dengan mudah menemukan jurang maut ini… dan omong-omong, saya memiliki kaki kelinci yang sangat beruntung yang diturunkan kepada saya dari generasi ke generasi – dan saya akan menjualnya kepada Anda dengan harga yang sangat rendah. harga $49,99 – dengan jaminan uang kembali penuh jika Anda tidak sepenuhnya puas.

Mari kita hadapi itu – sistem TIDAK bekerja. Anda Pengeluaran HK tidak bisa mengalahkan peluang matematika yang ditetapkan oleh aturan permainan.

Jika Anda bisa, bagaimana kasino akan bertahan dalam bisnis? Mengapa tidak SEMUA ORANG memiliki akses ke metode yang dijamin, teruji, dan sangat mudah untuk membangkrutkan kasino?

Dua puluh tahun yang lalu, ketika saya masih di universitas, saya biasa membaca tentang metode ini – ada banyak waktu ketika saya, rata-rata mahasiswa yang tidak memiliki uang sepeser pun, akan bermimpi mencapai Vegas dan menjadi kaya dengan cepat.

Untungnya, saya tidak pernah membayar untuk sistem ini. Satu-satunya uang yang saya habiskan adalah pada sebuah buku berjudul “Beat the Dealer” oleh Edward Thorp, bapak penghitungan kartu untuk blackjack.

Blackjack mungkin adalah satu-satunya permainan di mana seseorang bisa …

Ah, those knife-edge distinctions in 먹튀검증사이트  

I like five-card draw poker, but have not found a game here in Reno. Is Texas Hold’em the same game? Catherine B.

Though five-card poker, and several variations of it, is well established on any video poker machine, you will not find your favorite kitchen table game of 5-card draw spread in most casinos or poker rooms. A kissin’ southern cousin, is Texas Hold’em, probably the most popular poker game played in casino poker rooms. It’s the game that is used to determine the world champion at the World Series of Poker.

The contrast is that Texas Hold’em is a “community card” game, meaning that some cards are dealt face-up in the middle of the table and shared by all the players. Each player has two down cards that are the player’s alone; and those are combined with the five community cards to make the best possible five-card hand. The best five-card poker hand – a canny combination of the player’s two private cards and the five communal cards – is the winner.

If you want to give Hold’em a try, Catherine, I had better mention the “skill” factor. Though Texas Hold’em is deceptively simple to learn, playing the game at a proficient level does take some expertise. If you are innocent of such wayward skills, you can start your training head-to-head against a cyber video opponent who does not blow smoke in your face or tell off-color jokes. Then when you are good enough, go beat up on the …