The Local Losers in Sbobet Indonesia




They call themselves the locals, and look with disdain upon those other players they call the tourists, but we can give them another six-letter name that shares half the same letters, the losers. They’re the lowlifes among the lowrollers, distinguished primarily for shooting theselves in the feet.


They play in the smaller games either because they haven’t the talent to move up, or they’ve busted out of the bigger games. They seem to think they’re the only ones who know how to play whatever Sbobet Indonesia game they’re in. When they’re not in a hand, they bore anyone who’ll listen–and if no one appears to pay attention, anyone who happens to be near–with tales of clever plays they’ve made, how they’ve outplayed the players whose names everyone knows in the biggest games. When they are in a hand, if they lose to a tourist, they give the tourist a lecture about how badly the tourist played the hand. “How could you chase all the way to the end when there were only two cards in the deck that could beat my hand? What’d you think I was betting on? Yeah, well I love it. Keep up that kind of playing and I’ll have all your chips before long.”


Did you ever notice that it’s usually the loser of a pot who gives a lecture to the winner? That when a local wins a hand, he rarely lectures the loser?


They whine about their bad …

Investors Rush and Crush to Buy $36 Million Ethereum-Based BAT ICO and Crypto Gambling



Frenzy. One of the most anticipated token sale -about a web browser- sold out in 30 seconds. An investor paid $6,000 in transaction fees to jump the queue and be the very first. Another paid $2,000.


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Seconds after the opening of the sale, millions poured in. Around $5 million is the highest sum invested, followed by around $4 million, with many more at $2 million and $1 million.


You simply had no chance of getting in. $65,000 in fees have been paid for transactions which did not go through because the cap had already been reached by that stage.


Bat’s token sale smart contract address – image source etherscan.


Bots. An army of them raced at block 3,798,640, crashing some nodes and wallets, kicking everyone else out of the network, with the event finished nearly as fast as Husain Bolt can run 100 meters.


Once that $36 million cap was reached, everyone else crashed against a wall, with their transactions rejected, but their fees kept by miners. That includes someone who sent $10 million, but their transaction was unable to get through, the network so returning their funds.


They, of course, are not happy for losing the bot race, so they took on to complain for any number of reasons, including how unfair it is they did not make it to the finishing line.





Agen Judi Slot Online HABANERO

JUARAJUDI Adalah Agen Judi Slot Online Habanero Terpercaya Di Indonesia, Judi Slot Online Habanero, Agen Slot Online Habanero, Daftar Slot Habanero. JUARAJUDI ialah situs agen sah slot habanero paling dipercaya yang benar-benar kami merekomendasikan untuk tempat anda bermain slot game. Untuk situs agen slot paling dipercaya JUARAJUDI telah dapat dibuktikan membayarkan kemenangan anggota s/d beberapa ratus juta, hingga anda tak perlu sangsi lagi. Disamping itu, JUARAJUDI mempunyai penampilan yang sederhana dan menyedikan banyak permainan slot game dari beberapa provicer lain cukup dengan 1 user id.


Agen Judi Slot Online HABANERO


Buat anda yang ingin coba permainan slot, dapat lakukan pendaftaran dengan mengisikan formulir daftar slot habanero yang ada berikut ini dengan komplet. norma usai register akun slot anda, dimana sebelum bermain anda harus mendeposit terlebih dulu supaya anda bisa bermain permainan slot game yang sudah kami siapkan. Dalam mendeposit ini ialah dimana anda lakukan transfer dana ke nomor rekening bandar yang anda peroleh itu waktu usai lakukan register akun Agen SLOT HABANERO.


Dana yang anda transfer itu nanti akan ditukar jadi chips atau koin permainan serta chips atau koin ini bisa anda mainkan di semua permainan. Serta minimum deposit yang kami menawarkan benar-benar dapat dijangkau cuma sejumlah Rp, 10.000 ribu, karena itu anda dapat mainkan semua tipe permainan yang telah kami siapkan buat anda. Dapat bermain di situs yang sediakan minimum deposit Rp, 10.000 ini tidak gampang untuk diketemukan. Oleh karena itu, kami untuk agen slot online paling dipercaya dimana …

Finding the Right WordPress Hosting Solution!! 



SSD is offering ultimately oversaw wordpress facilitating administrations to the customers, and it is a piece of the standard wordpress facilitating plans. The organization will introduce the arrangement in the WordPress plan for you. More than 250 topics are accessible to fulfill the prerequisites. Among them, some free subjects are likewise accessible for clients. If you are searching for the privilege of WordPress Web Hosting, it is ideal for you.


The correct organization realizes how to oversee WordPress and give the reinforcement of information. The reestablishing of the site is simple for you with the story. The issue of hacking is addressed with the administrations, and an additional layer of security is accessible to the information. It is an extraordinary element accessible with the privilege of facilitating plans.


Reliable administrations


For organizations, it is crucial to discover an answer that you can trust. There are various organizations accessible in the market serving the clients. It might be ideal if you decided on a legitimate and reliable answer to get the advantage. It should show uprightness with well-being.


Cost of the facilitating administrations


A sensational change in the standard WordPress web hosting unlimited SSD is facilitating plan cost for clients. An arrangement of showing the charges is accessible for the sites. It might be ideal on the off chance that you attempted to get an account at an average expense to get the excellent advantages.


Highlights and execution of arrangement


The learning of the …

Fortune favours e-brave



GAMING software tester Steve Toneguzzo leans back in his Sydney boardroom and conjures up with his hands how world internet gaming will look in five years.


He draws three large blobs in the air but none represents Australia. They are Las Vegas in Nevada, South Africa and Britain.

“Once these three areas build up the trust of the internet gaming market, I don’t see them losing it,” he says.


Ironically, all of them will have used Australian expertise or gambling models to achieve their world internet gaming power.


Toneguzzo has been rebuilding his business, Global  Pengeluaran SGP Gaming Services, since the federal Government clamped down on interactive gaming in this country. The Government’s Interactive Gambling Bill prevents Australian operators offering online gambling services to Australian citizens or residents of countries where online gambling is prohibited.


GGS tests gaming software and regulation compliance and helped launch Australia’s only internet casino, Lasseter’s. Toneguzzo’s company is one of many forced to scour the world for new business. Luckily, there is plenty of work out there.


Today, he will represent GGS at one of the most important meetings held by the Nevada Gaming Commission as it considers whether to licence internet gaming in Nevada.


Although the commission has indicated it will move slowly, the word from Nevada is that regulation could come sooner rather than later. Many Las Vegas casinos already offer non-cash internet gaming.


The big Nevada casinos in Las Vegas such as MGM …

King Solomon’s $10,000 Bonuses – Biggest Online Ligaz888 Casino Promotions!

King Solomon’s lauches “Crack-the-Jackpot”, the largest online casino bonus offer! For a limited time only, players who win over $50,000 on any of the 5 Progressive Jackpots will automatically qualify for an extra $10,000 bonus!

London — July 25, 2001 — King Solomon’s Online Casino challenges its competitors by offering its biggest winners special $10,000 bonuses.

This unrivalled promotion, valid until 31 August 2001, is the largest bonus being offered by any online casino portal to winners. “Our aim is to get online players to choose King Solomon’s Casino over others in the increasingly crowded market place” states Nicky Getley, Customer Loyalty Manager. She continues to declare: “Although other sites offer Progressive Jackpot slots, punters who win over $50,000 by playing any of the 5 Progressive Jackpots on our site will automatically receive $10,000 free purely because they chose to play with us. By introducing this offer we hope to position King Solomon’s as the market leader in online casino promotions”.

Online casinos have always offered gamblers a host of enticements such as holiday packages or even new cars, but this King Solomon’s offer represents a new effort to outbid competitors. Nicky continues: “Our rivals purely entice players with the chance of Ligaz888 winning thousands. We offer our players the chance to win thousands and double their excitement at winning by awarding this huge bonus!”

Successfully in operation for over 2 years now, King Solomon’s Casino has established itself as a market-leader in the e-gaming industry. This latest $10,000 offer, …

The Texture of the Flop



Studying the texture of the flop will help you decide how to best play your cards.


The texture of some flops is as smooth as velvet, while others are as rough as burlap. When the flop hits the felt, take your time to study the boardcards in relation to your hand and your opponents’ possible hands. Is it a safe flop for your hand, or is it dangerous?


Flops that contain connecting cards such as J-10-8 of different suits offer many drawing possibilities. In addition to draws, coordinated flops might contain cards that make one- or two-pair hands. For example, one player may have an A-J for top pair with top kicker, but someone else holding J-10 has flopped top two pair. And if someone has a Q-9 or 9-7, he has flopped a straight. Another player may have K-Q, giving him two overcards and an open-end straight draw. As you can see, with that many possibilities out on the flop, any hand that is in the lead is very vulnerable to drawing hands. Plus, flush draws could also be out if two of the flop cards are suited. For example, if you are holding pocket tens, this is not the type of flop with which you want to slow-play your set, or any other strong hand, such as two pair or a straight.


Now, suppose the flop comes Q-J-8. Flops that contain two or more facecards can help many players’ hands. Players play facecards …

Real’s familiar Qiu Qiu Terpercaya machine motors on to Cardiff

Real Madrid maintained their march of glory in Europe by thumping city rivals Atletico 3-0 in their UEFA Champions League semi-final first leg last week.

Real’s familiar machine motors on to Cardiff.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored another hat-trick and bagged yet another Qiu Qiu Terpercaya record, the first man to reach 50 goals in the knock-out stage of the competition.

Barring an almighty upset Los Merengues are heading to Cardiff to defend their trophy on the 3rd of June. But are we excited? Not really.

Real of course have won two out of the last three Champions Leagues and FIFA Club World Cup and successfully moved out of the intimidating shadow of the Barcelona renaissance.

And yet there is still something underwhelming about Real being the world’s top team. Perhaps it is because the core of the side have been there for some years there is no excitement of expectation of the future, or maybe it is because Barça invented a new form of football – tiki-taka, which defied conventional wisdom by attacking through the middle and most congested part of the field with short passes.

Real by contrast use the conventional weapons of spreading passes wide, putting balls frequently into the box, and piling in on corners and crosses with aerial threats like Sergio Ramos and Ronaldo and the muscular Karim Benzema.

In Ronaldo they also posess the best accelerator in the game and perhaps the best aerial attacker. Gareth Bale we also know has exceptional blessings of pace and …

Donovan ends his Galaxy Quest as MLS moves on with Judi Online

Landon Donovan exits the American stage, followed by Robbie Keane, Thierry Henry and Chivas USA


Major League Soccer closed its doors for another season on Sunday when LA Galaxy won the MLS Cup, beating New England Revolution 2:1 at their StubHub Center stadium in California.


MLS.While the Revolution lost their fifth MLS final, the Galaxy became the first MLS team to win five titles since the league’s inception in 1996 and have bagged two of the last three.


Robbie Keane, the league’s player of the season, scored the winner in extra-time. At 34, Ireland’s record marksman (65 goals for Eire) hinted he may call it a day in MLS after three seasons in California. This campaign he bagged 19 in 29 games.


The Galaxy’s Robbie Rogers, who in 2013 became the first openly gay sportsman in the US’ major leagues, also became the first to win a trophy. The fact this was an almost forgotten footnote to the MLS Cup was a good thing, and it proves how all sports now have no excuses for not growing up on this issue.


Thierry Henry, after five Judi Online seasons and 51 goals for the New York Red Bulls, has certainly played his last MLS game. He and Keane were paid $4.3 million, making them the highest-paid MLS players.


Englishman Bradley Wright Phillips finished the league’s top gunner with 27 goals in 32 games for the Red Bulls while DC United’s Ben Olsen won coach of …

City would be ‘lucky’ champions: Situs Domino99 Pkv

Manchester City have underachieved since the club was taken over by Sheikh Mansour in 2008 and would even make ‘lucky’ Premier League champions this season, according to Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho.


City won the FA Cup in 2011 and the Premier League title in 2012, but they were unconvincing in their title defence last season and also lost the FA Cup final to Wigan.


In Europe, the team have only progressed beyond the Champions League group stage once in three attempts, failure which cost former boss Roberto Mancini his job at the end of last season and leading Mourinho to refute their recent tab as the best team in the world on current form.


“They are lucky,” Mourinho said. “The referees, they try to do their best and sometimes they make mistakes and normally during the season the mistakes are split between teams. “In their case, they have everything in their favour.”


He added: “The reality is they have many crucial decisions in their favour.” City and Chelsea meet in the Premier League on Monday evening.


Cristiano Ronaldo.

Atletico celebrate in style


On an emotional evening at the Vicente Calderon, Atletico Madrid beat Real Sociedad 4-0 to become the outright Spanish league leaders for the first time this season.


Atletico took full advantage of Barcelona’s slip up at home to Valencia and Real’s 1-1 draw away to Athletic Bilbao, a game in which Cristiano Ronaldo was sent off in the second-half, to move …

Brazil reconciles with Pele with 2014 Qiu Qiu Online World Cup in view



The most famous Brazilian player of all time, Pelé, will be the mascot of the 2014 World Cup to be held in his country. A great choice of the Brazilian Football Federation (CBF), although Pelé is now 67 years old and will be 73 by the time of the tournament. Hopefully his good health will serve him well.


The signing of the contract between Pelé and the CBF last week means the two have burried the hatchet after a lengthy dispute between The King and the CBF chairman Ricardo Teixeira. Last year Pelé even missed out on the host announcement Qiu Qiu Online ceremony in FIFA’s headquarters in Zurich. Everything is fine between the two now.


“We are all going to work for Brazil’s benefit. Ricardo Teixeira has asked me to take part in the country’s international promotion. I am a Brazilian and I’ll do my best to help the project succeed,” said the all-time top scorer for the national team.


Thierry Henry: “This is Henry you’ll going to see”


Numerous observers claimed last summer Barcelona was wrong to sign Thierry Henry from Arsenal for 24 million euros. In the meantime the reality has proven them right and even Henry agrees with it.

The unstoppable forward who fired an amazing 226 goals for the Gunners in all competitions does not exist anymore, said the Frenchman at a recent press conference in Barcelona. He admitted he had not only failed to adapt to a new …

Gamba still top, but Urawa are closing in Agen Slot



There is a familiar look to the top of the J-League, where Gamba Osaka and Urawa Reds currently occupy the top two positions.


The two clubs clashed in front of 55,258 fans at Saitama Stadium on May 13, where the shares were spoiled in a 1-1 draw, after Bare’s early opener was cancelled out by Washington.


Washington endured a frustrating afternoon against Gamba, first seeing a goal chalked off for a foul on thirty-seven minutes, before  Gamba Yosuke Fujigaya saved Washington’s spot-kick after sixty-four minutes. The temperamental striker finally got on the score-sheet after seventy-six minutes, as the honours were shared in Saitama.


Gamba got back to winning ways on May 19, beating Kashiwa Reysol 2-1 in wet conditions at Expo ’70 Stadium in Osaka. Ex-Ventforet Kofu striker Bare scored his seventh goal of the season to open proceedings. Midfielder Takahiro Futagawa then produced an early contender for goal-of-the-season, with a stunning thirty yard strike that rocketed passed Yuta Minami in the Kashiwa goal.


On the stroke of half-time former Bayer Leverkusen front-man Franca played in strike partner Tadanari Ri, and the Japan under-22 international produced a clinical finish to beat Fujigaya in the Gamba goal. That’s how the scoreline stayed, as the second half failed to match the excitement of the first.


In Aichi-ken 34,347 fans turned out at Toyota Stadium, but the home fans left disappointed as Urawa snatched a 2-1 win over Nagoya Grampus Eight. With Marcus Tulio Tanaka …

Opera Mobile Browser now allows Scandinavians to buy cryptocurrency | Shelter Crypto | Shelter Humanity | Charity Token Homeless | Charity Coin




Opera Ltd (NASDAQ OPRA), a Norway-based company that makes web browsers, lets users now purchase cryptocurrency through its mobile app. A local partnership is enabling this service to be launched in Scandinavia as the first.


Opera Android for Crypto:


Opera, a Norwegian browser maker, announced today that Opera for Android will let users buy cryptocurrency directly from their mobile devices. Through an integration with Safello (Swedish online cryptocurrency brokerage), the app now includes a digital wallet topping up option. The feature is currently being introduced in Scandinavia, but it’s already available in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.


Opera Mobile Browser now allows Scandinavians to buy cryptocurrency


Aurora Borealis Norway and Shelter Humanity


Charles Hamel, Opera’s Product Lead in Crypto, stated that “we believe that the next important stage for crypto will be from usage” and that it must be simple to buy and use for it to become more widely adopted. “We believe that this browser will be a gateway for these use-cases. This vision is being realized thanks to Safello.


Crypto at Your Fingertips


Safello, which was established in Sweden in 2013, is regulated and registered as a financial institution with the Financial Supervisory Authority of Sweden. This solution allows users to verify their identities with the use of Nemid services from Denmark and Norway. Safello promises an easy and fast process for buying cryptocurrency. The online brokerage offers the ability to pay with credit or debit cards, as well as …