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Opera Ltd (NASDAQ OPRA), a Norway-based company that makes web browsers, lets users now purchase cryptocurrency through its mobile app. A local partnership is enabling this service to be launched in Scandinavia as the first.


Opera Android for Crypto:


Opera, a Norwegian browser maker, announced today that Opera for Android will let users buy cryptocurrency directly from their mobile devices. Through an integration with Safello (Swedish online cryptocurrency brokerage), the app now includes a digital wallet topping up option. The feature is currently being introduced in Scandinavia, but it’s already available in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.


Opera Mobile Browser now allows Scandinavians to buy cryptocurrency


Aurora Borealis Norway and Shelter Humanity


Charles Hamel, Opera’s Product Lead in Crypto, stated that “we believe that the next important stage for crypto will be from usage” and that it must be simple to buy and use for it to become more widely adopted. “We believe that this browser will be a gateway for these use-cases. This vision is being realized thanks to Safello.


Crypto at Your Fingertips


Safello, which was established in Sweden in 2013, is regulated and registered as a financial institution with the Financial Supervisory Authority of Sweden. This solution allows users to verify their identities with the use of Nemid services from Denmark and Norway. Safello promises an easy and fast process for buying cryptocurrency. The online brokerage offers the ability to pay with credit or debit cards, as well as …