King Solomon’s $10,000 Bonuses – Biggest Online Ligaz888 Casino Promotions!

King Solomon’s lauches “Crack-the-Jackpot”, the largest online casino bonus offer! For a limited time only, players who win over $50,000 on any of the 5 Progressive Jackpots will automatically qualify for an extra $10,000 bonus!

London — July 25, 2001 — King Solomon’s Online Casino challenges its competitors by offering its biggest winners special $10,000 bonuses.

This unrivalled promotion, valid until 31 August 2001, is the largest bonus being offered by any online casino portal to winners. “Our aim is to get online players to choose King Solomon’s Casino over others in the increasingly crowded market place” states Nicky Getley, Customer Loyalty Manager. She continues to declare: “Although other sites offer Progressive Jackpot slots, punters who win over $50,000 by playing any of the 5 Progressive Jackpots on our site will automatically receive $10,000 free purely because they chose to play with us. By introducing this offer we hope to position King Solomon’s as the market leader in online casino promotions”.

Online casinos have always offered gamblers a host of enticements such as holiday packages or even new cars, but this King Solomon’s offer represents a new effort to outbid competitors. Nicky continues: “Our rivals purely entice players with the chance of Ligaz888 winning thousands. We offer our players the chance to win thousands and double their excitement at winning by awarding this huge bonus!”

Successfully in operation for over 2 years now, King Solomon’s Casino has established itself as a market-leader in the e-gaming industry. This latest $10,000 offer, known as “Crack-the-Jackpot” may see the scheme extended past the August deadline date due to its popularity.

Within two weeks of the launch, a King Solomon’s player, from Oklahoma won $50,415.71 playing the Cash Splash Progressive Jackpot. A fortnight later another King Solomon’s player claimed the bonus with a $53,521.97 win on Cash Splash.

The online gaming industry continues to experience significant growth, despite attempts by some governments, such as in Australia, to clip the wings of this branch of e-commerce. Competition is rife for operators determined to establish themselves as market-leaders in what is proving to be an extremely dynamic industry. King Solomon’s Casino has forged a loyal clientele based on its reputation for honesty and trustworthiness.

According to Joe Karg the company’s founder ” We set the program up so sports fans, who like to bet on the games, can refer their friends just like people do everyday for a good movie or restaurant. We provide brochures, business cards and everything they need to get started at no cost. We started the program this season because of a major expansion we finished this summer that doubled our capacity. What makes our program different is that we offer lifetime commissions, not just one time

sign-up bonuses.”