water tube boilers

Central heating boiler cover contracts unveiled



Each year more service providers are projected to offer water tube boilers repair and repair contracts. For a fixed monthly cost you get cover against the expense of unpredicted gas boiler breakdowns and sometimes they also include an annual boiler service. Although choice is good it also carries some small troubles in that there are a wide range of types of policy at differing cost points. It looks like a perplexing picture at the start, but essentially they all work the same way.


Emergency boiler help and service


This policy is not your annual gas boiler service – a policy like this will mean that you can call-out an experience engineer to deal with emergency heating boiler breakdowns – the emergency boiler protection provider will enhance this protection to make it appealing and encourage you to renew in the next 12 months. The service company will want to keep your custom and may offer a no claims bonus off the cost of future years gas boiler contracts.


Look for a no callout cost option as this can be valuable – in the event of a gas boiler emergency you could find yourself paying up far more than the cost of an annual service just to get a heating plumber or engineer to your office, so this is a great advantage, all the more so if your central heating boiler is starting to age. Parts and labour are also options for inclusion in a policy which can be very valuable. Although annual costs of this boiler protection could be larger than a local boiler service they will certainly be smaller than the cost of an unanticipated breakdown.


Including an annual water tube boilers service


You can get a 12 month heating boiler service at a cheap rate if you included it as an option in your central heating boiler repair contract. There are benefits of having the same company providing emergency protection and servicing your boiler. Most servive prividers providing the annual service will remind you that it is now due long ahead of the end date so that the service can be scheduled at the time that is convenient to you. Some companies prefer to dismantle the heating boiler in the service some others will prefer to use diagnostic tools and only dismantle if a problem is found.


Are water tube boilers repair policies a good investment?


This depends upon the number of gas boiler problems you have in the future. In money terms the cost of a plan is less than the cost of the heating boiler repair and of course you gain the advantage of a reduction in your tension levels. The worst-case situation is that you do not have a boiler breakdown but that must be worth something in peace of mind alone. If you do not have access to an experienced plumber to call at a second’s notice you should consider taking out a central heating boiler contract. If you are lucky enough to have a good friend who is a heating engineer you can relax not having a heating boiler repair contract.